Let us know more about the place you live:

Join us, and introduce an events in your town. Introduce to the world an interesting ceremony in your local area. Something, that is worth to know. What is your town/city/area famoust for?


Name of your country: Hungary, Europe

Name of your town: Balatonboglár

Your school:Primary School, Balatonboglár

Some words about your school: In our school there are about 450 students. There is a music facultation, folk dance club, drama club and any kinds of sport facilities.

Name of the event: Swimming across Lake Balaton

Type : sport event

When: the end of July every year

Place : Between Balatonboglár and Révfülöp

Short description: Every summer at the end of July about 8000-10000 people swim across Lake Balaton. They are not profi swimmers, they swim only for the sake of fun. They swim 5.2 kms between Révfülöp and Balatonboglár.

Please, insert some photos.

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Thank you very much joining us.

Harvest Celebration

Swimming across Lake Balaton

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