Here we are, the fourth graders from the Fifth Primary school in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria! We have been studying English for 3 years and our English Teacher is Mrs. Rositsa Mineva . We share a real and a virtual classroom in our education. It's fun!


This is our Motherland Bulgaria:

Stara Zagora is in the central part of Bulgaria, and is the 4th largest city that is well-known as the town of straight streets, linden trees and poets. An amazing town, ancient, with great history, Stara Zagora is our home.

Our school,

The Fifth Primary school

is one of the biggest in the city of Stara Zagora and is situated centrally in the local community. There are 57 teachers to 850 students providing a high quality of education thanks to our well-qualified school staff, perfect school management and the wonderful support of parents' in our community.


Name of the event: Mummers games

Type : Festival

When: On New Year's Day

Place : Everywhere in Bulgaria

Short description: Mummers games (Kukeri) is an important masked ritual in the rural villages of Bulgaria. Originating from the Thracians, they dance in the last days of the winter. Dressed in sheepskin garments and wearing scary masks and chanove (copper bells) on their belts, the men dance and singing Christmas songs and chants to scare away the evil spirits which people believed came back to the living ones in winter. The ritual is a mixture between Christian and pagan traditions and symbols. There is a strong correlation between the event and the peasant life. It is a unique folklore, which can be seen only in Bulgaria.yourself.