Name of our country: United States of America; North America
Name of our town: Fort Worth, Texas
Name of our school: Fort Worth Academy
About our school: There are about 280 students and teachers and administrators in our school. We have a fabulous library, great sports teams, musical programs, talent shows, and so on. We go from kindergarten to 8th grade.
Name of event (at our school): Field Day and Moving Up Day
Description of event: Field Day -- exciting day of fun and games; all students from Kindergarten to 4th grade participate, and 5th graders assist the students and teachers. Some of the more fun events are water balloon toss, giant blow-up slide, water maze, save the trees game, "horse" races (blow-up horses), and more. Each year it is different. Moving Up Day -- on the last day of school each class assembles in their spot for that year in the gym; after we say the pledge, give out awards, and recognize important anniversaries in our faculty, each class takes turns "in an orderly fashion" running to the spot for their new grade.